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SinceI have been doing consumer electronics repair work. I retired from my job as a repair tech from the University of Washington in Seattle in The only repair work I now undertake is from home for a select range of Commodore computer systems and related 8-bit hardware such as the C64, C and peripherals.

Most new electronic devices are made to be discarded rather than repaired but I intend to continue maintaining "obsolete" Commodore hardware for as long as I can. These devices protect your system from damage resulting from over-voltage when using the Commodore "brick" and similar after-market power supplies.

Please see the products gallery for examples. One supply that can power several devices is more cost effective than several individual supplies.

c64 schematic

Your custom power supply can be as simple or complex as desired to meet your needs, now and in the future. I welcome your input about how your custom power supply should be designed.

The following reference material is listed in directories. Each icon and link refers to a particular Commodore computer system or peripheral that contains various repair articles, schematic diagrams and any other relevant information that I have.

Most repair articles are stored in a standard text file format. The following section provides a range of information for Commodore 8-bit computer systems and peripherals including keyboards, connectors and the SID chip. Welcome to my site dedicated to 8-bit Commodore computers.Game cartridge compatibility The perfect companion to your Commodore 64 User's Guide, this manual presents detailed information on everything from graphics and sound to advanced machine language techniques.

This book is a must for everyone from the beginner to the advanced programmer. For the beginner, the most complicated topics are explained with many sample programs and an easy-to-read writing style. For the advanced programmer, this book has been subjected to heavy pre-testing with your needs in mind.

And it's designed so that you can easily get the most out of your Commodore 64's extensive capabilities. This table of contents has been reproduced to include only the chapter and appendix headings, along with the first-level section headings. The original has second-level section headings.

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A mm x mm double-sided fold-out schematic diagram is included in the book. It identified all the ICs and circuit pathways between the power supply, components and external connections such as the user portexpansion port and serial bus. Amazon Customer [7] : "Once you have exhausted the user guide for the C64, this is your next step.

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It will give you all the information you require to get started with machine code. It also explains how to make use of all the ports on the C It is possible to use or build a serial interface to hook up to a regular PC. I found the information on the User Port particularly useful for home automation and robotics. Jodigi : "A very good and helpful book for advanced programmers learn more basics and technical details about the C64 and also special programming knowledge, but not enough.

Commodore 64 Programmer's Reference Guide

Charliefourzero : "It is hard to see how anyone could program the C64 without having read this book. Where the C64 User Guide helps you turn on the computer, this book helps you understand how it works. It should be the bedrock for understanding the C64 both from a software and hardware perspective. It is not perfect, but then CBM honestly did not know exactly how the C64 would be used by its hardcore fans.

The book covers all the main areas in sufficient detail; which required at least pages! Simply, a 'must read'. Jump to: navigationsearch. Commodore 64 Programmer's Reference Guide.

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Categories : Book Programming Basics In other languages Deutsch. Commodore 64 Programmer's Reference Guide Cover. Commodore Business Machines, Inc.

Howard W. ISBN Commodore 64 Schematic Diagram left. Commodore 64 Schematic Diagram right.This is my personal diagnostic setup. I've had this since sometime in the mid's when I was an authorized Commodore repair center.

Figure 1 shows the cable assembly used in the diagnostic setup. The small green module in the bottom of the picture is the keyboard dongle, which is placed on the mainboard keyboard connector and simulates a key being pressed.

The center serial dongle is tethered to the diagnostic cable harness with a shoelace just so I wouldn't lose it. The serial dongle is not connected to the wiring harness, and the schematic is correct. The cartridge is the square module near the top-right with the label on it. The square cartridge on the left is the user port connector, which brings all the signals back from the various ports via the cable assembly.

The diagnostic kit is fairly good at detecting reproduceable errors. It is not good at detecting hanging and crashing problems. Figure 2 shows the fully installed setup. The keyboard is unplugged internally and there is the dongle installed on the keyboard connector.

The diagnostic requires no user intervention and will red-flag suspect chips as it finds them.

c64 schematic

Figure 3 shows the diagnostic running, at the end of one pass 1. It is in the middle of the sound test right now, just about to start pass 2. Because the diagnostic will run forever, it is good for catching flaky RAM. Without the keyboard dongle installed, the keyboard entry will show up as bad, and likely U1 will be flagged as well. A series of waveforms are played sawtooth, sine, triangle and noise over different voices. If one voice is missing or distorted, you know to change the chip.

This condition will not flag the chip as bad. The schematics below show the construction of my diagnostic jig including all the dongles, the cable harness and both the user port and EPROM cartridge.This banner text can have markup. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Game Over! This collection of commodore manuals, instructions, schematics and technical information comes courtesy of the army of anonymous scanners of bombjack. Media Type Media Type. Topics: program, memory, data, basic, expansion, print, poke, screen, future expansion, routine, mode Topics: command, program, screen, mob, commodore, commands, return, basic, graphics, character, low col, Topics: ida, sta, jsr, sector, bne, track, pointer, buffer, idx, current, drive number, active buffer, addr Topics: logo, commodore, procedure, turtle, type, sprite, graphics, tutorial, input, procedures, current C Diagnostic Instruction and Troubleshooting Manual Topics: diagnostic, ram, step, result, troubleshooting, pin, incorrect, defective, test, port, system Topics: rom, ram, cer, bus, memory, pin, address, data, voltage level, address bus, multiplexed address, Topics: ceramic, pin, electrolytic, rom, color, port, ohm, output, clock, zener, ceramic electrolytic, Topics: file, command, bdos, disk, program, drive, function, system, error, guide, calling program, bdos Topics: result, step, vdc, defective, ram, pin, signal, incorrect, test, port, troubleshooting guide, Topics: assembler, program, file, operand, address, load, memory, command, data, error, pos pos, object Topics: statement, mov, format, error, program, variable, file, fortran, runtime, integer, source code, Topics: data, memory, program, bowen, specification, mode, command, system, system specification, disk, Topics: ohm, carbon, electro, color, cera, mylar, conn, diode, circuit, coil, deflection yoke, output Topics: program, sprite, basic, commodore, key, color, disk, command, screen, commands, graphics Topics: monitor, commodore, power, connector, turn, input, color, set, plug, cable, qualified service, Topics: poke, program, print, color, type, press, key, screen, memory location, goto, program exactly, Topics: program, print, color, sprite, computer, commodore, poke, data, file, disk, sustain level, file Topics: file, disk, diskette, command, error, sector, data, files, byte, program, sequential file, record Topics: commodore, character, memory, data, screen, color, sprite, address, bit map, ram, ram bank, map Topics: custom, uuuuu, commodore, sssss, xxx, nla, warranty, ffi, ooooo, parts, sales division, yyyyy Topics: program, sprite, commodore, color, data, poke, computer, print, ecom, disk, computer displays, Topics: program, sprite, basic, commodore, commands, screen, disk, command, color, key, graphics Topics: disk, file, diskette, command, error, data, files, program, drive, basic, machine language, serial Topics: disk, screen, modem, program, file, computer, key, commodore, buffer, ascii, pet ascii, disk read, Topics: commodore, program, print, sprite, ond, data, color, poke, computer, screen, power supply, creating Topics: data, routine, kernal, buffer, jsr, interface, channel, output, gnd, byte, kernal open, gnd signal, Topics: esc, mps, manual, commodore, mode, print, ibm, printer, service manual, serial, double width, Topics: data, program, cobol, pic, display, numeric, character, file, disk, statement, access mode, source Topics: sprite, command, array, basic, commands, program, print, arr, parameter, extension, sprite Topics: program, commodore, sprite, color, data, memory, screen, computer, print, poke, character string,Mirror sites — General information — File types — Data transfer.

Here are schematic diagrams of different Commodore devices. See also. The schematic diagram of the cartridge was reverse-engineered by Ruud Baltissen.

There is also some documentation on this cartridge in early prints of the Commodore 64 Programmer's Reference Guide. Drawn by Jerzy Sobola, January 26, Drawn by Jerzy Sobola, July 2, Drawn by Jerzy Sobola, July 23, Independently provided by Raymond Carlsen. Drawn by Jerzy Sobola, March 12, The texts are in German. This looks like an Action Replay freezer cartridge by Datel.

Both analogue and digital parts; reverse-engineered. The interface is connected to the IEEE port, and some discrete logic converts the signals to Centronics.

Drawn by Jerzy Sobola, July 22, Drawn by Jerzy Sobola, February 11, Drawn by Jerzy Sobola, January 1, Drawn by Jerzy Sobola, January 23, A, assy number Composed by William Levak. A, used on VC PET II. Then came the DCR board, with the floppy controller integrated on the motherboard. There was also a CR cost-reduced flat They were on eight pages in the Commodore Programmer's Reference Guide, two pages containing one engineering sheet.

This model never entered mass production; this is an engineering sample possessed by Raymond Carlsen. The diagrams were scanned from a 64'er Sonderheft, and they appear to be a copy of schematic According to Nicolas Welte, there is an error on the right half of page 5.I've finally stopped buying Commodore gear well, maybe a few hundred more. Would it make a nice poster?

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Don't forget to answer that email I sent you. Lazy bastard Greg. Seems the site is currently down. Would only be interesting if you had one with pencil notes by one of the engineers Would be nice to see a picture, even if it is blurry, to see how real it looks. It's usually crooked scans that looks like they have been faxed and then pieced together Hi all, think I started Something with this Post Hmmmmmmmmmm, Very Interesting!

Sooooo, will see if that has a C16 Schematic included!?! I am going to Photograph it and try to Up-Load it or send it to someone who can up-Load it!

Printing the C64 schematics on Canon IPF 710

Watch this space. Darren amigaman You have found the Commodore Schematic Diagram? This has been rumoured to exist for years, this is the Holy Grail of the C64 world, if you do truly have one amigaman07! I will PM you with my offer! Seriously now, this sounds like the one that came with the "Programmers Reference Guide".

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I think that latter copies of the programmers reference guide may have came out with a later schematic. Also other schematics may have been used for the "Service Manual", so there are a few different schematics floating around.

And I bet all the different schematics have mistakes in them. For example look at U13 74LS top left corner on your schematic amigaman, does it have pin 15 connected to 5V? Tip: Get C64 Forever for super-comfy C64 emulation with pre-installed games, demos and other goodies! View previous topic :: View next topic. Back to top. It is attached to all the programmers ref guides, though I am sure I recall reading some people question it's accuracy. Is it massive? So scan it, piece it together and make it public so we can print posters for ourselves!A bunch of diagnostic carts.

Some of the material below is from the web and some of them are from my own collection. Use the C64 Dead Test if you got a blank black screen, it will flash the border according to which RAM circuit is broken. C If you got a C with a blank blank screen you can use the C64 Dead Test to find faulty low memory. When the C64 side is working, use the C Diagnostics to verify the upper memory. It is also possible to rewire the high and low memory and then give the C64 Dead Test a second run.

C Diagnostic Carts use the same harness as the C64 Rev. There are also some notes about the connector at position 1. Thanks to SLC and Zoran.

c64 schematic

Thanks to Zoran. At a meeting held by the Dutch Commodore Club, Jeroen Vlasveld noticed a diagnostic harness not present on this page. He sent over the diagnostic Rev 3. Note: There are atleast 3 variations of the schematic on the net, two of them are missing an interconnected wire in the casetteport. C Diagnostic Rev 3. I dug out all diagnostics visually alike and disassembled them, after aligning code and comparing routines it became obvious these four were from the same codebase.

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Some testroutines are identical with the allowing it to pass, but the correct harness is Import Test Diag is modified to work without a harness. Interesting is that the Diagnostic Boxwhich can be found on a Commodore spare parts list, has identical check routines as Doctor64 except for the Interrupt part. CD Diagnostic Keyboard Adapter I could not make it work until I converted the. Hi, The. It probably has two extra bytes for the loading address.

Remove the two first bytes, file size should be bytes. Thanks for notifying.

carlsen electronics

Note that you need to burn the. Hi, thanks for the suggestion. I had some thoughts of this… JaffyDOS is likely to be customized and therefor failing the diag. It might be better to switch in an known kernal for testing the machine or add the checksum of the customized JaffyDOS being used. It is a recent product and the hardware used to install it is probably not affected by wear and tear.

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